1. fantasmic-five-fridayMy boss made a bit of an “error” and miscalculated my remaining vacation time after my Disneyland trip… instead of no days, I actually have eight days.  So, I am having to take the next two weeks off with paid vacation.  Not a bad gig, but with a little advance notice I could have planned a lovely trip to Disneyland!
  2. We decorated the house with a lovely assortment of Disney Halloween decorations this week… I love them, but now I’m yearning to get out the Disney Christmas Decorations!
  3. I saw, and fell in love with ( 🙂 ) the “Disney Princess and Me” Tiana doll at Toys R Us this evening… a definite must for my doll collection., duly noted on my Christmas list.
  4. Tiana Princess DollI’m having a “Missing Disney Blues” kind of week this week, so I’ve been working hard on lots of vacation plans for next year.  It looks like my next trip probably won’t be until late next summer, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something a little sooner. 🙂
  5. I would ask for your continued prayers and pixie dust for my wonderful Disney Store friends that are facing some serious health problems.  The lady with the autoimmune disorder is actually doing much better!  But my friend with the brain tumor is facing lots of rehabilitation and an inconclusive biopsy.  My Disney family definitely needs your support!

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