1. fantasmic-five-fridayI haven’t picked up my copy of Beauty and the Beast Diamond edition, but I did have the awesome opportunity to see the Sing-a-Long version on the big screen last week.  It was so great!  I’ve always wanted to be able to sing-along with reckless abandon to Disney movies at the theater!
  2. I love when October rolls around and they start playing Halloweentown movies on the Disney Channel again. 🙂 I even got to introduce my grandma to these favorites this week.
  3. I finished reading the second Hidden Mickey book – Hidden Mickey 2: It All Started… – just before vacation.  Absolutely couldn’t put it down!  If you are a Disney/Disneyland fan, these are a MUST read! 🙂
  4. On a non-Disney note: my favorite Fibro Fog moment in awhile… I’ve been driving for over a month with expired license plates because I had absolutely no recollection that they needed to be renewed… oops.
  5. So, it’s Day 8 of NaBloWriMo and I’ve made six of eight posts.  Not too shabby I’d say, especially since I was averaging one or two posts a month before this!

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