Well, with airline tickets booked, hotel reservations made, and Disney tickets in hand, I finally feel like my fall trip to Disneyland is a reality. When D23 announced that they wouldn’t be holding an Expo event this year, I was pretty disappointed, but when I found out that they would be hosting a special “Destination D” tribute to Disneyland’s 55th anniversary, I was pleasantly surprised.

I had my vacation booked long before D23 announced that tickets would go on sale for the Destination D event on June 12th, and when I started to hear internet buzz that this event was limited in space and would probably sell out quickly, I panicked. What if I planned my vacation around an event that I couldn’t even get tickets too?! Well, the big day came and my feverish race to hit the “click here” button and buy my tickets was nothing less than hysterical… especially considering it is now four days later and tickets are still available ;)

So, with my highly coveted (if only by myself) tickets victoriously mine, I couldn’t be more excited for September to come. What’s more, I will be celebrating my birthday in Disneyland the day before Destination D and plan to rock the first-ever, official D23 Disneyland Scavenger Hunt the day after Destination D!

I’m really looking forward to the more intimate setting of this event, versus the crowded convention center of last year’s Expo. And, while I’m sure Johnny Depp won’t be making any surprise appearances this year, spending 2-days with Mousketeers, Imagineers, and Disney Legends sounds like just the trick to ease my melancholy mood of late.

So, here’s to the countdown! ;-)

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