Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I love when the whole world awakens in spring and the flowers and trees come out of hiding again. I love the reason we celebrate and the joy that lives in my heart during the season. The only thing better than celebrating Easter is celebrating it at Disneyland.

A few years back, when my grandma was still able to travel with us, we had the amazing blessing of being able to spend Easter weekend in Disneyland. While the park doesn’t necessarily do anything special for the day, the Disneyland Hotel offers an absolutely amazing Easter buffet that was incomparable!

The theme for the event was Alice in Wonderland, so we spent Easter morning with a cavalcade of characters and a buffet spread that could have fed two or three third-world countries. It was such a wonderful day and afforded me some of my best Disney memories.

The divinely decorated ballroom was host to a sea of food and tables and some of the most wonderful Chocolate Easter eggs imaginable. I read a great blog post this year about the amazing chocolate eggs on display at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World and from the pictures that Ive seen, the eggs at the Disneyland Hotel were just as amazing.

If you ever get a chance to celebrate Easter – or any holiday for that matter – at Disneyland, I would definitely recommend it! And I hope all the Rays of Disneyland readers have an amazing Easter Sunday!

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