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Reflections of Nana

Just after Christmas 2010, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In a whirlwind of just two weeks, she had a biopsy, a consultation, and a lumpectomy.  It was a tumultuous journey but, at this point, the doctors feel that she is cancer-free.  As I’ve watched my grandma go through so much, especially at 94 [...]

Happy Birthday Disneyland!

Today Disneyland will celebrate its 53rd anniversary and every Disney anniversary seems to have its own vibe… its own cadence and mood.  One of my favorite Disneyland memories is of Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary.  When you are only 8, those towering “Party Gras” balloon floats are a pretty unbelievable sight to see.  I will never forget [...]

The Fourth of July… Disney Style

When I was young I hated fireworks… really hated them… then I went to Disneyland.  When I was eight-years-old I saw Disney fireworks for the first time… I didn’t hate them anymore.  No one could believe that the little girl that cried at loud noise and couldn’t make it through a whole fireworks show was [...]