IMG_0728There is an entire Facebook page with over 14,000 fans dedicated to our last day in Disneyland.  Okay, okay, it’s not specifically about me but it is about September 27, 2010… the hottest day in Los Angeles (and Southern California) history.  And, boy, was it!  It was the hottest day in my history too! :-)  We knew there might be a problem when we were having breakfast at the Carnation Cafe and it was 103ËšF.  And with no hotel room to seek refuge in, and no swimming suits accessible to soak in the pool (we were already checked out with our luggage securely stowed at the Grand California), we pressed on as the temperature continued to rise.  When all was said and done, the official high for Anaheim was 116ËšF.

So, what’s the secret to beating the heat in Disneyland?  Well, for us, it was a carefully executed regimen of cold drinks and shady tables, dark rides and Dole Whips.  Yes, we were a motley twosome, schluping from one air conditioned ride to another.  But, all in all, it was a very enjoyable day.  The need to rest and cool down in between stints of walking allowed us to sit and just absorb the magic as we watched a day in the park unfold.

Tiki Shadow

We found a perfectly positioned table next to the Pizza Port that was close enough to feel the spray from the “rocket booster” at the nearby refreshment cart.  We enjoyed sitting there watching adults hesitantly step into the mist and kids giggle and smile as it poured down on them.  The Tiki Room was definitely a lovely diversion as we sat back and listened to the birdies sing while we downed a Dole Whip.

With our last day winding down, we headed back to the Grand Californian to catch a bus to the Santa Ana airport.  I will say that the Disneyland Express bus was fantastic for going from LAX to the Grand but the experience was less than magical going from the Grand to John Wayne.  The process was convoluted and difficult, not to mention the service was quite poor.  If only Disneyland would adopt Walt Disney World’s Magical Express System! (And, yes, I know that would be a logistical nightmare. :-) )  Bus experience aside, leaving Disneyland is often one of the most difficult parts of my life… dramatic but true.  The transition from my happy place back to reality is rarely pleasant and never welcomed.  But, as we do every year, we bid a fond farewell to the Happiest Place on Earth and flew off over the clouds and mountains back to the Mile High City.

Next Tuesday… Extended Trip Report: World of Color.

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