1993 EntranceOkay, so 1993 might not be exactly vintage, but it seems like a lifetime ago to me.  I found this picture in my old negatives, and, while it isn’t particularly remarkable in documenting the history of Disneyland, I found that I really liked its character.  I like that the gentleman in the corner looks like he belongs in 1993… I like that I’m sporting a bright red fanny pack, unabashedly, I might add… I like that I can remember exactly how I felt when I walked through the gates that day and stepped into place for this photo.

This was my second trip to Disneyland, and I was 10.  This particular year, not only did I get to go to Disneyland, I got to miss school to do it. :-)  I remember that it was always our goal to find one good photo op in front of Mickey when there weren’t dozens of other people in the shot.  I think we got especially lucky this time, as the train was just pulling into the station and the only people in sight were our period-dressed gentleman and his kids.

I really love these old memories of Disneyland and the photos that accompany them.  In fact, I wish we had taken so many more pictures because my memories of certain events are still so clear but there aren’t any photos to back them up!  That’s okay though, I learned my lesson and my photo count now reaches nearly to 1000 on vacation. :-)  One day, I know that my recent pictures will be vintage memories.  What are your favorite vintage memories of your trips to Disneyland?

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