Die-hard Disney fans all know that every trip to Disney has to include a few special traditions… whether it be the left or right tunnel that you always enter through, the first attraction you have to ride, or the one meal you can’t miss… one of the most magical parts of any Disneyland visit is making sure there is time for all of your “can’t-miss” traditions.
For me, the one tradition that absolutely can’t be missed is having my first vacation meal at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street.  On my last visit to the resort, I had the pleasure of meeting the cafe’s iconic Head Chef, Oscar.  
Oscar has been with the park longer than any other Cast Member… 50+ years and counting.  Being the Disney Freak (or “geek” as it may be) that I am, I absolutely had to have my picture with this man who has dedicated his life and career to Disneyland and to carrying out the highest standards of Disney Guest Service. Oscar was everything I hoped he would be… pleasant, sweet and accommodating.
For more info on Oscar and his 50th Anniversary with the park, check out my favorite podcast, Window to the Magic.  Mousketeer Greg had the rare opportunity of being in the cafe when Oscar was presented with his anniversary cake.  This is a must-view videocast for any Carnation Cafe fan!  You can find Greg’s Perfect Day at Disneyland Episode Six, Traditions either on the official Window to the Magic website or by downloading through iTunes.  
Have a favorite Disneyland tradition that you just can’t miss? Post a comment and share it with us here!

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