I love finding old pictures of characters that arent so common in the parks anymore… I love finding unusual character pics even more. So, when I found the negative for this picture of me and Mr. Smee with Peter Pan in the background, I knew it was perfect for todays Flashback Friday.

Maybe if I was able to spend more time in the Parks I would see obscure characters like Mr. Smee more often, but as it is, I dont ever remember seeing Mr. Smee again, outside of parades and shows. Perhaps, however, the more interesting facet of this picture is Peter Pan and his seeming non-compliance with the strict Disney dress code… Look closely and see if you can find what Im talking about… See it there on Peter Pans wrist? Yep, thats it, a bright green, wrist watch. Now, Ive seen Peter several time since this, but never with a watch. Not to mention the fact that I certainly dont remember Peter sporting the latest Rolex model in the classic cartoon. Haha, now I clearly wasnt very traumatized by the fact that Peter was using modern technologies while walking through the parks that day because I certainly didnt remember the incident. But when I discovered on the photo the other day, it certainly did make me chuckle! :D

Now, if anyone knows something different about Peter Pan costumes from the early 1990s I would love to know! Leave a comment below!

Thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting the Disney Flashback Friday blog hop! Be sure to hop along and check out all of the great flashbacks!


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