This evening's Vinylmation stash

This evening's Vinylmation stash

I had kind of a crummy day today. I spent the long ride home in rush hour wondering if I was making the right decisions for my life. It just wasn’t a good day. But, when I walked in the door to my house, the most coveted item I can think of was waiting with my mail… a box of Disney magic.

No, Tinker Bell didn’t fly open when I slit open the box, but it was the next best thing… my order from :-) Five wonderful boxes of Vinylmation and a wonderful new Christmas ornament. It was the best remedy for a bad day. Here’s my secret when I need to bring a little Disneyland magic home – pull a little money from my emergency Disney magic fund and order a handful of Vinylmation from the site… then, I don’t let myself open them all at once. The key is to spread them out over a week or so, prolonging the magic.

While this may be a slightly more pricey way to bring home the magic, it is worth the occasional splurge. :-) There is something particularly magical about opening up those blind boxes and discovering the treasure inside. Sure, I get my share of duplicates this way but I love stashing those away to trade on my next Disney trip.

So, what are your favorite ways to bring home the magic?

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