Long before Tarzan ruled the jungles of Adventureland, another family called this exotic locale home.  From 1962-1999 the Swiss Family Robinson opened their treehouse home for the Disneyland masses to experience.  In 1999, however, the treehouse received a complete makeover to align with the release of Disney’s newest animated film, Tarzan.  Thankfully, the Robinson’s live on in Walt Disney World’s Adventureland, but it’s simplistic charm is lost forever in Walt’s original park.

I loved the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  I have loved the film since I was very young, and being able to walk through their “real” home fascinated me.  There was something much more lush and beautiful about the Treehouse before Tarzan took over.  I still like to meander up the wandering stairs of Tarzan’s home – particuarly to take pictures of the Park from that height and perspective – but it’s definitely not the same.

I remember, as a kid, being amazed by the clever “appliances” in the Swiss Family Treehouse… like the running water system that carried bucketfuls of water up to the rooms from a stream running below.  I also remember lush greenery and vibrant flowers that seemed a natural fit in places like Mother and Father’s room and the always intriguing library.  A few random shots from early visits to Disneyland are my forever memories of this mesmerizing attraction.

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