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Today’s Mapping the Magic Monday is all about a fun little gem I discovered in Mickey’s Toontown.  If you’ve ever traveled to the Land using a travel package, you probably received “tickets” to enter Toontown an hour before the rest of the guests.  I had heard quite a bit about the festivities during Mickey’s Toontown Morning Madness and it seemed like a lot of it was geared toward kids, but, having never let that stop me from joining in the Disney fun before, I wanted to give it a try.  So, one morning when we had a little time to spare, my mom and I headed back to experience the Madness for ourselves, and I’m so glad we did!

When you enter Toontown, they check your very tiny “ticket” and hand out a button and a map.  We had decided earlier that we would probably skip the opening ceremony with the Toontown Mayor in favor of hopping on Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin with absolutely NO line.  But once we were off of that attraction we decided to take a peek at the map they handed out when we walked in.  It was not only a map of Toontown, it was a scavenger hunt of sorts, pointing you toward six different locations with something fun to discover.  Since crowds were light during this morning preview, we were able to move around freely in Toontown, seeking out each place on the map, without having to maneuver through any throngs of people, and it proved to be lots of fun!

Toontown Map

On the Map

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Minnie's dishesM) Help Minnie Do the Dishes – The first clue on the map sent us in search of Minnie’s dishwasher.  This was one clue that we knew just where to look, so off we were to Minnie’s house to turn that magical knob on her dishwasher that starts the cute and interactive “washing” process.

Toontown Post OfficeI) Check the Mail in the Toontown Post Office – I have to say that, while we knew where the Toontown Post Office was, I had never been in to hear and see the fun surprises when you check the mail for each character.  In true Toontown form, the process was interactive and lots of fun.  Make sure you take the time to check these out the next time you find yourself in Toontown, if you haven’t already.

Goofy's PlayhouseC) The Name of the Song Playing in Goofy’s Playhouse – This is one we definitely didn’t know off the top of our heads, so off we headed for Goofy’s Playhouse.  The Playhouse is such a cute place for kids to run off some energy and the theming here is really great.  You have to enter the Playhouse through Goofy’s garden and there are so many fun things to see in the garden… lots of great Disney Imagineering here.  Once inside, you’ll find the name of the song playing on the sheet music on Goofy’s piano.

Toontown PoliceK) Calling the Toontown Police – If you think in the picture to the left that it looks like Christmas-time in Toontown, you would be right.   Turns out that the phone to call the Toontown Police isn’t in exactly the right spot on the Morning Madness map.  We had quite an jaunt around Toontown trying to find this elusive phone.  It turned out that we never found the it on that trip, but it seemed to be in such an obvious place when we were back in Toontown a few months later!  Once we finally found it, there were some very funny things to be heard when we picked up the receiver.

Mickey's Car

E) Hop in the Driver’s Seat of Mickey’s Car – Mickey’s car is hard to miss in Toontown, it sits in the driveway of Mickey’s House, and it is even harder to resist the urge to hop in and snap a pic.

Mickey FountainY) Stomp on the Plaques Around Mickey’s Fountain - This location was definitely the most surprising and unexpected part of the hunt.  Sure, we had seen the fountain, and probably even noticed the plaques on the ground surrounding it, but we had definitely never stepped on them to see what happened.  If you have discovered this unexpected gem in Toontown, you know why it’s so special, and if you haven’t, I’m not going to give away the surprise, so don’t forget to check it out yourself the next time you are in Disneyland!

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